Saturday, April 18, 2015

Partner, Donate, Support

Our desire is to help those who can not help themselves whether it be for lack of resources, lack of employment, or a lack of the basic essentials, whether it be in Third world countries or those who are our neighbors and those in surrounding communities throughout America. We partner with those who are struggling to provide education, medical assistance and basic needs for Families, Orphans, Widows and the homeless. We first encourage them, build up thier self esteem and equip and train them to support their households. We help to provide shelter, food, clean water, medical care and school supplies and fees. We have have partnered with ministries in West Africa to provide a water well, school classrooms, washrooms, kitchen and safe school yards. We are renovating a small building in the middle of the ghetto streets of Little Accra. When completed it will include a main sanctuary, offices, urinals and a childrens wing. We want to provide a place for those in need to go and recieve assistance. our next plan is to help build a home and training center, and community center in another community in Kumasi. Also, It is our desire to help others around the world and in our own back yard to stand with and walk with them through thier most trying times. It is our hope that they in turn will be encouraged to help others in need. We desire to be physically present and travel where needed to provide such assistance. We are seeking those who have a heart to give, who desire to see the fruits of their resources. there are many who can not Go but would rather give in confidence knowing thier provisions will be used almost entirely towards helping others. Building Foundations 1X1 takes the resources to build families and individual lives through training, spiritual encouragement and support.