Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mission September 2-22 2015

We will sponser 3 community events 1 in the ghettos next to the new church building. 2 @ the Gonzalez Educational Complex. We will finally build walls and gates around the school for safety purposes and as a security measure. We hope to build a safe new play yard at the school and we will be sponsoring the first Graduation programme and outreach @ the school. In Pastor Joseph community we hope to repair a large area of road that is washed away and floods yearly and has become a death trap for children. This we will do to bless the town and community of Serpasse. We hope to break ground on the new facilities for the Orphan/ Widows home , training center and community center. We will meet with many communtiy leaders and Cheifs to partner with and discuss how Building Foundations 1x1 will best serve the surrounding communities. We will host training sessions with the teachers , Pastors and leaders to motivate and encourage them. We are meeting with a number of individuals that are on the streets of Kumasi and Accra and are reaching out to the poor , needy, sick and handicaped. We are planning long term partnerships. With the goal to help them to help others. All money received and donated will go 100 percent to these projects and we have and will continue to give from our own finances to acomplish all that The Lord opens up to us. Please feel to ask us anything more. Andy and Julie Estrada

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The more people donate. So much more can get done. Please consider giving. This time of year is rainy season. There's lots of flooding. Need help to repair roads and protect homes. Let's give above and beyond. Support building projects. And needs with repairs. Please consider giving. Donate. With everyone's help so much will get done. Let's give above and beyond. Bless so many lives.      

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Request from Perfect Love Chapel, Kumasi Ghana W. Africa

a request from Perfect Love Chapel, Kumasi Ghana W. Africa​. GOD TOUCH EVERYONE'S HEART AND HELP PERFECT LOVE CHAPEL WITH 50 CHAIRS FOR THE ADULTS cost is $375 ($7.50 per chair), AND for the CHILDREN MINISTRY'S 50 CHAIRS the cost is $190 ($4 per chair), AND 10 TABLES the cost is $85 ($8 per table). Total $550.  anybody willing to DONATE to help:  contact us THROUGH ANDY ESTRADA AND JULIE ESTRADA BUILDING FOUNDATION 1X1.