Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Simply Give

Our mission grew in Ghana but reaches out here where we live. our mind is always on Help Others. here's a few occasions that have happened doing what we are called to do. locally we meet a young man at the register of the store. cannot pay for the few items he wants to buy. WE pay the bill for him. A mom cannot leave home, she needs some medicine late at night for her baby. she posts a request online. we see it and we go out and buy it for her. In Ghana, there are two orphan brothers that need a home. and they need to go to school. we have our Pastor family take them in. build them a room. and we pay for them to go to school. several times, there's a young child in need of medical care. two children were hit by cars. one is malnourished. We pay to get the care they need. There are many children and orphans. And widows in need of basic requirements. food, housing, education. we come along side and meet these needs one at a time. We help who we can. And in Ghana the issue of auto accidents is very alarming. we see so much news of tragedy and death from so many auto accidents. With partnership of local organizations, we are starting a campign to Teach one person at a time and spread the word of the importance of Safe Driving. Helping who we can. We need the funds and the resources to meet more needs. As we grow as a Non Profit, we will continue serving everywhere we go. Here in America and anywhere around the world. Anyone can help. Simply give. Sponsors needed to commit monthly, yearly. Join with us. contact us.