Friday, April 15, 2016

An eMail: Greetings From Ghana 4/15/2016

This is our life mission. to help those in need. make life a little better one life at a time.
We havnt heard from Pastor for months. because his laptop broke down. Finally we got a friend to help fix it. And Stephen was able to respond.
 Here is a big request regarding The Gonzalez Educational Complex. Needs are always occurring. this is common. with many children, needs always arise. They try their best to maintain. But they can use our help. All our help can make life greatly better for these kids.
Anyone can give. When we all contribute a lot can get done. We certainly cannot do all of this by ourselves. But God always provides and makes a way.
 This family, this school and Church in this community are just a piece of Hearts desire to serve.
Over 20 years ago God first called us to this relationship with Stephen Acquah. out of knowing this beautiful  Man of God, we reached out and now have partnered with numerous families and individuals throughout Ghana.
Please Consider Giving and helping meet need. and maintain projects. and Help more people not only in Ghana but here in The USA our own communities or anywhere around the world.
This is our life mission. to help those in need. make life a little better one life at a time.  -Thank You, Andy and Julie Estrada

***note: Currently our 1 One US Dollar equals 4 Four Ghana Cedi. Much can get done when everyone Gives.

From: smacquah yaw ( This sender is in your contact list.
Sent:Fri 4/15/16 7:28 AM
To:AndynJulie Estrada (

Dear the Estrada Family,
Greetings from Ghana to you all. Yes, It is along time that we communicated due to the broken down of my laptop computer and the lost of my cell phone.
First of all , i shall give thank to the Almighty God for HIS goodness,loving and mercies towards us.I thank you for your prayers that you pray for us daily.I am also grateful to you for your financial support that my laptop computer is now functioning through the knowledge of brother Henry Howard. It was cost GHC350.00 but we cashed GHC320.00 from the bank.
You instructed me to enroll some two(2) boys in to the school. I did it in last term. they are Elijah and Blessing Fynn.
Their expenses for the first (1st)term are as follow
1 Elijah Fynn ...KG2                                                      2 Blessing Fynn...Nursery.
1 Uniform...4....GHC107.00                                       1 Uniform ..4 GHC92.00
2 Tuition fee....GHC   60.00                                        2 Tuition fee..GHC50.00
3 Feeding fee..GHC112.00                                         3 Feeding fee..GHC97.00
   Total               GHC279.00                                            Total              GHC239.00

2. Second (2nd) term
   Tuition fee   GHC60.00                                                  tuition fee   GHC 50.00
  Feeding fee  GHC112.00                                                 Feeding fee GHC97.00
 Total               GHC172.00                                                 Total             GHC147.00

TOTAL   GHC279.00+GHC239.00+GHC172.00+GHC147.00 =GHC837.00

The school is doing it best to prepare a future leaders with all godly fear and good morals.Those who completed last year have had good senior High schools. They were eight (8) students. Now the present JHS3 are only two (2) students both are females. they are going to have their Basic Education Certificate Examination in June. we have accommodated them in the school as boarders for the past four (4) months preparing them fully to face the coming Examination.
The school have had many activities like
1. Sports and games 2. Choreograhy, cultural and traditional activities 3. Science, mathematics,English and Bible quiz and singing competitions. we excelled in these activities ,won many trophies and certificates.

We have engaged an attendant  to take good care and clean the washroom.She makes the place very neat and pleasant. we are facing some challenges .
1.The pupils often damage the washroom and toilet facilities. we are always repairing the broken ones
2.For the past four (4) months we are facing water problem due to severe dry season ,water in the well dried up till now we still  suffer water shortage.  The students fetch water in my house so when there is no tap they have to go outside to draw water somewhere.Last month one of the students fell into certain well when he needed some water.God is so good he did not died.As a result of it , we shall need to have a drilled one .
we invited some water expert to help , the only advised they offered is to have new drill borehole and it  was estimated to GHC7000.00

The school bus is becoming older  and is given us problems daily.we spent much on it when we sent it to the workshop for maintenance. the bus could not even work through out a week, some times  it could not take the pupils to their houses and left them on the way side. when we hire a bus it cost us more than GHC70.00 each day. we really need a new school bus because this gives us more problems.

We have no problem in the kitchen. Everything in the kitchen is in good condition eg, gas cylinders,stoves, cooking utensils and etc.
The classrooms are good, the students are enjoying the  the ceiling fans during the hot season.All fans are working and are in good conditions.
the school will need another classroom to house this present JHS2 who are going to be promoted to JHS3, for they many the JHS3 classroom can not contain them. that is why we need another classroom. we have started laying blocks on the 2nd floor up to the lintel level and we are praying to have funds to floor the upstairs.
 We may need some furniture . we have repaired some of the broken but others are be young repairs

Fencing the school compound to keep and protect the kids from going out during the school hours.
To concrete the school ground to make there neat ,beautiful and comfortable for teaching and learning.  

It is very wonderful to have such club in the church and the community. It is another way to reach the youths with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share fellowship in the community. Last year we had series of tournament of which CHRIST FC had second (2nd) position and we also had trophies and certificates.
Now we have braked for awhile and we shall resume training and league soon.

The Church is doing well  in evangelism and other programs. we are enjoying the ceiling fans but we need some assistance.
1 Generator-  to produce light and also use instruments in time of worship service.
2 Ceiling the church house to reduce excessive heat during the service.
  The church has started a Credit Union  to generate  some funds or capital to support an individual members who need assistance  in their trading. Most of them are suffer poverty and others do not have any work to do. for we live in the very low income workers  community.
My loving greetings to all my families.
 Thank you once again for your love for us and the fellowship you share with us and also a partner in HIS kingdom ministry.
pastor Stephen Mathyrs Acquah

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We Need You

We are looking for at least 300 people to commit to giving $5.00 per month on a 2 year, 3 year or 5 year commitment. Each month we rely on a handful of people that give what they can to help us help others.  
Our goals are : 
To partner with a large group of people
Obtain support from our family, friends, organizations and church communities
Make the monthly commitment of giving as easy as possible
To establish and build up a cash flow on a monthly basis in the general fund
Be ready and able to jump into action the moment we hear of or receive a request to help someone in need.
To continue to support the many ongoing needs @ The Gonzalez school and PLC 
Since 2007, we have seen the fruits of what a willing heart and faithful giving can achieve. Through a few large gifts and regular support from people who have shared the vision. We have been able to: Build a school that educates up to 350 students. Organize Saturday reading clubs and field trips. Pay for school fees and school supplies. Build a church in the ghetto's of Kumasi. Provide care for Orphans and Widows. Bring health and eyeglass clinics to villages. Provide medications and medical insurance. Taken in children whose mother died of aids last year. The list goes on and on. The requests for help come in daily.
We can not do it on our own, We need you. Would you consider helping us on a monthly basis? Your support may seem minimal but if 1000 people join us it will have a great impact in the lives of litterally Thousands of people around the world.
98% of your money goes towards what it is designated for and is 100% tax deductible. We are willing and ready to meet the needs of others in our community, throughout the U.S A and around the world.
A month ago, a young mother on facebook sent out a desperate late night plea for help to the SCV. Andy and I responded to that plea. We were able to buy and drop off some medication for a sick child. It is our desire to help others in any way we can. Would you consider being part of that by giving? Please return the attached Commitment form to us. You can give $5 monthly, $20 every 4 months, $30 every 6 months or $60 Annually. The keys to success and obtaining our goals will be in keeping your annual commitments. There are some that may be able to give $10 or $20 per month. We will also accept One time gifts. Every dollar matters. 
We want to make your giving as easy as possible, if you do not want to mail a check or do not want to forget to give each month. Please go to our face book page BuildingFoundations1x1 or website and press the donate now button. There is also a link for paypal. 
You can designate what you would like your donation to go towards:
There is a need for the 2 boys now in our care. They will need everyday care for food, clothes , school fees , school supplies and medical insurance
We want to create a lunch program at the Gonzalez school and provide every child with a free lunch. For some of the kids, this may be the only meal they eat that day.
We need help to continue to provide training classes and materials for the widows, single moms and elderly women to learn a trade.
We are continuing with the construction @ the school to build the second story Jr. high and highschool classrooms.
We want to complete the children's wing and sunday school classrooms in the new church building @ Perfect Love Chapel.
We want to continue to visit and bring food and clothes and school supplies to the orphans in several villages throughout Ghana.
We need a monthly cash flow in the BF 1x1 general fund to continue to help with small needs in our own back yard and around the world.
With your help and the help of 999 other people like you , together we can make a difference in this world. One life at a time.
Please incude your email address so we can send you regular updates and photos of the needs being met through your financial support.  
Our goal is big and 1000 monthly supporters may seem impossible in our eyes but God can bring them. Would you also consider sharing with your family , friends and social groups.
On behalf of the Building Foundations board , we thank you for your help in advance.