Friday, July 28, 2017

Committed Giving

All we need is for people to give to our Non Profit. Just $10 a month would make a huge difference. When more people give, more lives are changed. ...just a few dollars. Committed giving. 
Partner with us. Help us help others. Really care about someone else. You may not be able to physically "go", but you can at least give. Partner with us. We meet needs. In Africa, here in America, our own neighborhood. Our desire is to be able to reach out anywhere there is a request, anywhere around the world.
Help us help others. Easiest way to send a Donation is to mail check. Contact us for our address. our Facebook and our website has our address. This is our non profit. go to our website. click the link and donate. Also if you can go to your bank and arrange for automatic payment thru your bank to our address. Anything helps so very much. Spread the word. Donate.
Building Foundations 1x1 #Tennessee #Ghana

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