Saturday, January 26, 2019

2018 Update

2018 Update:
   Your gift helps us to Partner with and support The Gonzalez Educational Complex, Perfect Love Chapel Church, PLC Orphans and Widows and the Small Needs project which helps those on the streets  (predominately) in Ghana and all over world in urgent need.

 Building Foundations 1x1 is a 501 C3 organization established in 2014.   We operate on a volunteer basis with virtually no overhead costs.  Which means over 92% of your donation goes to what it was designated for.  With help from monthly donors we have been able to continue to meet the urgent and monthly needs of those we partner with throughout Ghana. 

     This year we travelled to Ghana West Africa.  God brought some generous people on board and we were able to complete The Barbara Estrada memorial water tower at the Gonzalez School. We travelled into a new village, where we met with parents and village Elders desiring to build a school within the village.  We are going to help build the school and committed to paying the monthly salary for a teacher.  This year it is our hope to have a set budget for the needs we are committed to monthly and to gain some new monthly donors to help with new projects.

We provided funds for 18 PLC Orphans tuition fees, school clothes, lunch fees, supplies, books and transportation fees .  We were able to verify a great need for continued monthly support for the orphans and help with resources for the widows.  We are hoping to raise and send $100 a month to help pay for school lunches and transportation fees for the 18 school children.

  We are excited to announce that we will be moving forward with building a permanent home for the Orphans and Widows of PLC.   We have the land paid off and have built a wall around the property.  It's now time to build a 4 bedroom Home, with room to build an additional level in the future.  We would be honored if you would consider  partnering with us in this new project as a monthly, bi monthly or yearly donor.

      We are excited for the on-going ministry to help others.  Together with your continued support we will be able to continue to make a difference in the lives of the needy, sick and the very poor in this world.  We are truly thankful for your donations.  

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